inferring general work

so, what can following energy, in the form of impulse trails, tell us … about what the system does for us?

well, if we could step back & see all the impulse trails … coming in from all the sensory groups in the body, we can infer

… that the system … is simultaneously monitoring … the states … or conditions the body is exposed to

so, a part of the system’s work is … to monitor … and ..

then when we follow these impulse trails further … deeper into the circuitry, we’ll see that these patterns of impulses

routinely converge … on the same group … and on the same pattern … in that group …

and by converging on a common pattern, these impulse trails are resolved, and the content or information they represent

… is resolved … so with this in mind … by following these trails from the sensory groups … inward

we can also infer the system’s work is: to resolve … it’s resolving … the simultaneous conditions the body is exposed to

in fact, it’s been comforting for me to know – that the NS is designed to resolve, we’re physically designed to constantly

identify a resolution – for whatever we’re exposed to … and for me, knowing … just knowing this …

that we’re designed … to resolve whatever comes up … has always been satisfying

now since these converging impulse trails energize a common pattern … a resolution … energy into this common pattern

… is reinforced … and this forms a stronger impulse trail … so the trail is propelled the further … into the circuitry

so we can say impulse activity is maintained—by both the absorption … and the convergence of energy … and in this way

as they monitor & resolve the simultaneous states the body is exposed to, impulsing maintains functional balance

in the body, by way of a vast hierarchy of integrated neuron groups … in fact, we can suggest that each neuron group

is like a microcosm of the whole system; each group absorbs patterns of energy; resolves them & generates the resolution

onward, to provide impulse patterns to support further groups in the hierarchy; doing their own key work

so currently absorbed energy provides information that synchronizes the body’s functions … and later, we’ll see that this

steady monitoring & resolving work is the activity that supports our emotional, as well as our physiological balance