impulsing: how proposed impulse trails provide a simplified understanding of how the nervous system works

The impulsing model is a simple model. 

This model proposes a middle ground between the complex character of the nervous system and conscious experience. It’s like the food pyramid model provides a middle ground between the body’s metabolism and the nutrition we experience. We use this middle ground to keep our nutrition balanced. The impulsing model provides a similar middle ground for the nervous system. In this model, we see the activity that determines the tension patterns we call our feelings. And we see how feelings reflect the efficiency of the system’s functioning. 

In both models, we can relate something complex to something familiar. This gives us a way to improve the health we experience in these systems.

Summer Class Intro 6-14-22 


Introducing Impulsing Podcast May 5, 2022 

illustrations are below

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Introducing Impulsing – a simplified physical model – 10-15-20


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Illustrations for podcast and class: Introducing Impulsing


Part 1: simplified structure and impulse activity

      2- generated impulse trail  impulse trail forms

 3- converging trails refined & reinforcedimpulse trails converge


Part 2: Area 1 – experiencing sensation        

        7- skin cell assembly-b

1 beginning impulse trail-after absorbing energy12- cotton to T -b


Part 2: Area 2: forming record of each conscious instant …

into network of records …

with recognition 

16- rec fusing in C


Part 2: Area 3: deriving thought 

   21- C resoln back to T-a   


  Part 2: generating tension patterns … feelings 24- muscle + netw energized25- muscle + s:t resoln to muscle


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PosterImpulsing: electricity of the Nervous System

Book: The Conscious Stream: Review Edition

DMI FEB.'15 b

Denise Ingebo, Independent Theorist in Neuroscience


an early overview

Episode 1-draft Introduction